Archangel is the personification of the sword that Striketrue uses. He recovered the sword in the first book The Sword of the Archangel, and often hears it calling to him in his mind. During the third book, The Darkest Wind, he sees the personification of Archangel as an old knight.

Conversations with Archangel are typically short and to the point, in and out, of the sword for Strike. Seldom does Archangel speak more than what is needed, but has been known to offer visions both to Striketrue and to Shadowrage.

He does have mastery over the other knights with him, the Red Knight, Blue Knight, Green Knight, and as of The Darkest Wind, the Black Knight. These knights are known as the Prismatic Knights because of their colors. These colors are represented on the sword itself, the Red, Blue, and Green gems represent the knights, the fiery blade represents Archangel, and the black blade the Black Knight.


Quick Stats:

Name: Archangel
Nickname(s): - None -
Status: Living
Race: Appears as Human
Gender: Appears as Male
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: White
Occupation: Leader of the Prismatic Knights
Home: Archangel''s consciousness resides in the Archangel sword
Relatives: Unknown
Power(s): Only the powers revealed to Striketrue are known at this time.


For Striketrue's perception of the knight, he wore white plate mail. When he removed his helm to reveal his face, he had white hair and a black patch over one eye. He did walk with an enormous amount of pride.


As far as powers are concerned, Archangel functions more as a conduit for the other prismatic knights to bestow their power to the wielder. Because of the powers the other knights provide, Strike speculates that Archangel''s specific powers are:

  • The Guardian
  • Wrath of God
For more information about the sword specifically, please visit the Archangel Sword page.


Archangel wears massive white plate mail in Strike''s vision. The defenses are explained in detail as they are translated to the sword on the Archangel Sword page.


Unknown at this time.