Shadowrage is the dark persona of Treston Dolvmore. Treston grew up without a father in his life, and stayed only with his mother until he went to train with Master Leist, a dark wizard who eventually became the Lich, Meisel Trasta. The process by which Leist selected his students was a sort of Last Man Standing contest. Treston''s first murder was that of another boy hoping to train as well. The thought behind Leist''s method was he could tell which of his students were willing to not only kill to learn his craft, but who ultimately was the strongest.

Shadow''s first mission as neophyte of his craft was to travel back in time with Leist, to assist in trapping the demon Taxrian.

Shadowrage''s first mission as a master of the craft was to help the knights of A''rillian fight in the Great War. This draconian war was an event that was fierce and violent. He was seen as a necessary evil to be tolerated by the holy knights who needed some help to win the war. It was here that he met a knight named Horatio Courtlain, also known as Striketrue. The knights referred to him as "demon," a slur that all but broke his confidence.

Throughout the war, he also developed friendships with an elf named Evergreen and a dwarf named Anchor.

Often seen as uncaring or cruel, he would argue that these emotions are needed to keep the dark powers he wields from taking him over. Truthfully, he knows deep down that as much as he would like to be good or caring, he simply cannot do that as Shadowrage, only as Treston, his non-casting state human side.

Since the war, he spent ten years trying to forget who he was and what he had done during that time. Living almost strictly as Treston, he married Charlenya from Crinohn and fathered two children, a son named Shaun and a daughter named Anne.

Guilt, or his suppression of his power, ravages his body when he is in his human form rather than his caster state. His transformation into Shadowrage alleviates the pain, because it allows him to release the power. To help remind himself of home and not fall completely into darkness, he carries a little white cat carving made by Charlenya.

Fate his led him on his current journey to rescue his daughter from the demon he enslaved, freed unintentionally by his daughter. Harboring bitter hatred for each other, the demon Taxrian and Shadowrage move like opponents at a chessboard.


Shadowrage changes physically like many who use the dark power. His hair turns black, his eyes turn black, his nails extend to become sharp claws, his gold staff turns black, and he grows fangs.



When calling upon his dark power, he has several favorite spells. He may manifest green fire balls which are inextinguishable by water and throw them at targets. He also may cast a massive dark energy bolt capable of decimating a target. Used more during the Great War, he would cast a spell that would explode his target from within. Also, he likes to summon his demon Athrazx who is loyal to only him, so long as he has the demonic medallion to keep the beast under restraint. Should he lose it while the demon is summoned, it could turn on him.


Quick Stats:

Name: Treston Dolvmore
  • Shadowrage
  • Shadow
Status: Living
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color:
  • Blue - as Treston
  • Black - as Shadowrage
Hair Color:
  • Blonde - as Treston
  • Black - as Shadowrage
  • Farmer - as Treston
  • Unrivaled Sorcerer of Dark Magic - as Shadowrage
Home: Currently Unknown
Power(s): Shadowrage has a multitude of spells to pick from, and his list gets longer all the time. His currently known ones are:
  • Dark energy bolt
  • Green fireball
  • Columns of controllable black fire
  • Enhanced senses, claws, and skin
  • Able to summon his demon Athrazx
  • Dark power tethering
  • Ranged Detonation of Dark Energy
  • Defensive Shield
He has gained the use of the Hood of Piritus which is a hood that magnifies his power ten fold, but can never be removed.
First Appearance: SoA - Chapter 1 Page 7

His casting state also allows him to have heightened senses, in particular, vision and smell. In this state, he does not require food or water for great periods of time.


Since his time with Lich Trasta in the book, Annihilation of the Lich, he has learned how to channel his power into an inanimate object to be retrieved later granting him massive temporary power. He also knows how to create a massive column of black fire of which he can control the spread with his hand.


Shadow has two defenses that he uses. He can cast an immovable shield, which can deflect physical attacks as well as energy ones. His skin is also extremely tough, almost like that of suits of armor stacked one on top of another. Any normal attack from a non-magical weapon basically has no effect on him.



The only known weakness revealed so far is from the Archangel sword wielded by his friend Striketrue. This holy weapon has made the scales even again with regards to the balance of power. Without the sword, should Shadowrage have decided to destroy the world, little could have been done to stop him.