Anchor is a dwarf from land of Danokiron who left for the safety of A''rillian when the Lich Meisel Trasta began his campaign to rule the Outer Kingdoms. Not much is known about his past, except for when he began his relationship with Strike. As he tells the story, he was "being chased by fifty Medovates and was running because he was tired from killing the last hundered."

It was during this fight where Strike kept shouting back if he was alright that Anchor knew he wanted to be this knight''s friend. He considers Strike a true hero and feels blessed to know that he is able to help him, and die for him if asked.

Anchor is considerably older than Strike, as dwarves live for more years than humans. He prefer to think of Strike as a younger brother, rather than that of a son. It makes the relationship for Anchor, one more of an equality, as opposed to one of status. The endearment stems from his repeated name, "Laddie." Which is quite an honor for Anchor to call anyone that, and the term is usually reserved for his closest friends.

At the battle of Sanctuary in the book, The Sword of the Archangel, Anchor helps Valerianna defeat General Yane on the Sanctuary Docks. After Yane''s defeat, Anchor takes the fallen General''s Weapon for his own, it is referred to as the Souldevourer Axe. This weapon becomes attached to him over time, and it is revealed by Xobo that his own life is now tied to it. Anchor has Strike swear that if he should die, then the Axe is to go with him to the depths of the sea, so that no other soul has to go through what he is going through.

Twice he has thought to use the Axe, where Strike has stopped him. Once was against a red dragon, and the other was against the Lich Trasta. Much to his understandable relief, Strike has taken the burden from Anchor to decide when to use the Axe, as the stress of such a power was overwhelming for Anchor. Now he need only wait for Strike''s command, otherwise he uses it in battle wherever he goes.

As his time went on with the war in the Outer Kingdoms, it was discovered that he had a talent for artillery command. Under his direction, artillery batteries were never more accurate. So, if he is not by Strike''s side, and there is artillery on the field, he can be found with the batteries.


Quick Stats:

Name: Anchor
Nickname(s): - None -
Status: Living
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Warrior and Artillery Commander
Home: Originally Danokiron Mountains, but migrated to A''rillian
Relatives: None. Though he considers Striketrue a younger brother.
Power(s): None. Only power comes from the Souldevourer Axe.


Anchor is a dwarf by race, and therefore shorter than a human. When in combat, Anchor uses his stout body and low center of gravity to his advantage, often times, making the opponent miss a swing, and then knocking them off balance. He wears a combination of chain mail armor with some pieces of field plate when in combat. When out of combat, he can be typically seen with an ale in one hand and his pipe in the other. Although serious, many comical things happen to the dwarf which ends up with a big belly laugh.


None. Only power comes from the Souldevourer Axe.


Normal Armor. A combination of chain and field plate mail. He is also good at tracking and creating defendable positions in any terrain.


As a mortal dwarf he is subject to any normal course of life events such as: old age, sickness, and injury.