Evergreen is princess as her father is Gandlarian, lord of the elves. She spent her childhood running around the castle in Tariksus, the elven lands in A''rillian. Showing exceptional fighting ability, her father encouraged her to spend time on the bow. She mastered it in a matter of months, and then moved to fighting using steel blades.

She loves the forest and enjoys the solitude of it. She grew fond of Treston, as his land bordered the land of the elves they became close friends. As the years went on, he confided in her more and more of his past, which made his wife Charlenya extremely jealous. This also created a situation where Evergreen developed an infatuation with him, but she dared not act on her feelings. As much as she wanted to, she respected his covenant of marriage to Char. She spent many nights out in the forest singing Treston''s children to sleep.

As time went on during her time in the Outer Kingdoms in the book, Annihilation of the Lich, and she found out more about him while being Shadowrage, her feelings for him faded.

She has a deep love for her father and her people. If it meant her life to defend them, she would gladly give it.


Quick Stats:

Name: Evergreen
Nickname(s): - None -
Status: Living
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Occupation: Princess to the elves
Home: Tariksus - in A''rillian
Relatives: Gandarlian (Father)
Power(s): Evergreen has no powers, though she is deadly accurate with her bow. Also, she uses her agility to her advantage, being able to defend herself against multiple opponents.


Evergreen is never far from her bow and blades. She considers those as much a part of her outfit as her boots. Her eyes glow blue, and with such fair skin and white hair, the black paint she uses to create designs on her face stand out all the more. Treston’s favorite style she had painted had sharp points down her cheeks starting at her eyes. She teased him by saying that he would like that, because on a subconscious level, it reminded him of tears, crying and sadness.


Her clothing is typically leather with chain mail pieces covering her shoulders and chest. When she runs she appears as graceful as she is deadly.




Normal Armor. A combination of leather and chain mail. She is excellent at herbology and creating medicine from plants.


As a mortal elf she is subject to any normal course of life events such as: old age, sickness, and injury.