Taxrian is a demon from another plane. He was exiled to the plane where A''rillian exists and has spent centuries moving from host to host until imprisoned by Master Leist and Shadowrage. Once imprisoned in a crystal, it was buried with Shadowrage''s other magic items as he gave up sorcery to start his family with Charlenya.

The demon gains his power by feeding off of the host''s soul. The purer the soul, the more power he can attain. His most pure host was Anne Dolvmore, Shadowrage''s daughter. Not only was her soul pure enough for him to consume, but she was Shadowrage''s daughter born with his power. This was a two fold way for him to attain his power.

Taxrian used Anne''s body to first entice General Yane, leader of the Medovates, to attack the humans in his quest for dominance. After that failed, he moved under the Lich''s protection. At the Crater of Death, Taxrian was able to kidnap Christopher Courtlain and escape before the lich was destroyed.

In the third book, he realizes his full power as Anne finally surrenders to him. He changes into a demon shape with hooves, wings, tail, horns, etc. After his final defeat at the hands of the heroes, Alexander sacrifices himself to take the demon back to his plane.


Quick Stats:

Name: Taxrian
Nickname(s): - None -
Status: Living
Race: Demonic Energy
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Varies btween Anne''s and the Black caster state.
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Demon; main antagonist of the story
Home: Varies; from another plane
Relatives: - None -
Power(s): Taxrian has a multitude of spells to pick from, as he is a master of the dark arts. His currently known ones are:
  • Dark energy bolt
  • Green fire from his mouth
  • Dark power tethering
  • Defensive Shield


Taxrian resembles his host until his full power is realized. Then, the host goes through a metamorphisis where he gains claws, horns, tail, hooves, and wings.


Trasta''s dark power comes from devouring the soul of his host. The extreme benefit he got from Anne was her relationship with her father Shadowrage. Her own power contributed to making Taxrian stronger. Like Shadowrage, he can cast:

  • Dark energy bolt
  • Green fire from his mouth
  • Dark power tethering
  • Defensive Shield


A major defense is who can kill him when he is in a host body. If he possess someone that has no loved ones, then he could potentially stay in that host forever, if he decided to. Like Shadow, he can cast his shield spell, and casts it on rare occassions. He is as charasmatic to the evil as Striketrue is to the living at leading his army.


The only way he can be expelled from a host body is if someone the host loves kills them. Only then is the demonic energy form free to be destroyed.