The Lich Trasta was created about one hundred years before the current Archangel story arc takes place. He was born from the death of Shadowrage''s master, Leist, after they went back in time to stop a demon named Taxrian.

The name "Meisel Trasta" is actually an anagram for the name Master Leist where each of the letters are used in both names. It was Shadowrage''s guess that the extra "a" at the end was his way of saying, "even at the end, I am still first." Regarding the placement of the "a" and the order it is in the alphabet.

It was his fear and jealousy of Shadowrage''s gifts that made him desparate. Having knowledge of the future, and the eventual existance of Shadowrage, Trasta spent his hundred year head start trying to gain enough power to eventually defeat his former student. It was Taxrian that showed Leist how to live past death and become a lich. He knew that in the future, he would need Taxrian''s help, so he sent the imprisoned demon through with Shadow and remained behind in the past.

During that time, not only did he grow in power, but he also waged a war against the King of the Outer Kingdoms. After defeating both him and his Gold Dragon friend, Trasta crowned himself Lich Lord of the Outer Kingdoms and ruled with the sole intent of using all of its occupants as his slaves and test subjects.

Lich Trasta

Quick Stats:

Name: Meisel Trasta
  • Lich
  • Trasta
Status: Defeated
Race: Was Human in Life
Gender: Was Male in Life
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: None
Occupation: Fascist Ruler of the Outer Kingdoms
Home: Raven''s Bluff castle in the Outer Kingdoms
Relatives: None. Though he calls Shadow "son" and Val "daughter" there is no biological relation.
Power(s): Trasta has a multitude of spells to pick from, as he is a master of the dark arts. His currently known ones are:
  • Dark energy bolt
  • Green fireball
  • Columns of controllable black fire
  • Dark power tethering
  • Ability to distort time and space
  • Ability to create portals for travel
  • Defensive Shield


By the time the group encounters the lich, most of his human flesh had rotten away with time. His eyes were glowing red sockets, and he wore robes to conceal his skeletal frame. With no flesh on his fingers, they looked like white claws.


Trasta''s power comes from a completely dark place. Utilizing blood, organs, and spirit energy from the pure, he is able to test and experiment as much as he wants. He would stop at nothing to achieve more power than Shadowrage, which included the termination of innocent life. So, his power was very similar to Shadow''s but had an almost synthetic intensity.

In order to compete, he began the creation of "The Tome of Leist" in which he could pour his dark energy into a book and use it as a type of storage device. Over the hundred years, he would keep adding to it until he needed it. The use of this tome provides a massive influx of power to the owner, but it is only temporary. The more energy stored, the larger the effect.


Since he is immortal for all intents and purposes, he is not subjected to age, sickness, hunger, and temperature. Like Shadow, he can cast his shield spell, but never does as he finds it a show of weakness. He has his undead army, his Crater of Doom retreat, and his dragons.


His weakness is his phylactery. Like all lich, his heart must be kept safe somewhere. It is in this container that it remains hidden away. If the heart is destroyed, then so is the lich. Before his imprisonment by Trasta, Taxrian was able to hide it. So the Lich had to wait until Taxrian was revealed to him again in order to find it. Anne Dolvmore, Taxrian''s host, told Trasta where it was in an effort to enrage Taxrian.