Striketrue was born of John Courtlain II and Sophia Courtlain, who named him Horatio Courtlain. His mother was revealed to be Elizabeth Courtlain, but that comes into question in the third book, The Darkest Wind. He was born in the port city of Sanctuary.

His upbringing was one of intense religious study and academic work. His mentor and tutor was Father Christopher Grey, a close family friend. One day Strike was walking through the city when he came upon Gorath's blacksmithing shop. He was so intrigued that he apprenticed there when not studying with Father Grey. It was Gorath who gave him the name Striketrue because he would always hit the mark while blacksmithing. One day he said to the boy, "Strike true at whatever must be done little one, anything less is beneath you." From then on, he was nicknamed Striketrue or Strike for short. John, his father, spent most of Strike's childhood away fighting in campaigns, or tending to building his city of Sanctuary, not having much time for him.

His nickname gave him much anonymity, as he hated his station growing up. Not fond of ceremony or spending his life known as "John's son" he actually enjoyed his time away fighting in the Great War where he met Shadowrage, Anchor, and Evergreen.

Strike is an intensely religious person who values his faith in his God above all things. He would tell you that without his knighthood and faith in God, he would be nothing. After disobeying the church in the book, The Sword of the Archangel, who ordered him to kill Shadowrage with the Archangel weapon, he feared excommunication. It was revealed that Father Ledel, who tasked him to kill Shadowrage, was not acting on behalf of the church, so the order was unenforceable.

Throughout the course of The Sword of the Archangel story and the Annhilation of the Lich story, Striketrue developed feelings for, and eventually married Valerianna. They had a son that Valerianna named Christopher, after Strike's mentor Father Christopher Grey. Strike was in the Outer Kingdoms fighting against the Lich's army when he was born. Shadowrage voiced his complete opposition to the child, calling it an abomination. He called them irresponsible, as they had no idea what kind of being would be born of someone so full of light, Strike, with someone who is so full of dark magic, Valerianna.

Some of Taxrian's agents found an opportunity to kidnap his son, and were successful. So, like Shadowrage, these two friends now have a common goal of rescuing their kids from the demon.

Like Treston, Strike is constantly feeling guilt for what happened to Valerianna in the Annhilation of the Lich storyline. Shadowrage cautioned him much earlier when the feelings were starting to develop that Courtlain men didn't have very good luck with women. After what happened to her, Strike would agree.


Quick Stats:

Name: Horatio Courtlain
  • Striketrue
  • Strike
Status: Living
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
Home: Originally from the port city of Sanctuary located in A'rillian
Power(s): The Archangel sword enables Strike to use six powers thus far:
  • Darkest Wind
  • Divine Fortitude
  • Divine Swiftness
  • The Guardian
  • Holy Fire
  • Wrath of God
The ressurection ability he has on his own without the use of the sword.


Strike is average height, with a muscular build. He displays a goatee on his face to distinguish himself from his father who wears a beard. His hair is naturally black, and he has many scars on his body from his battles.


Strike can call upon the power of the light and resurrect the dead. The first occurrence that he can remember performing this act was during the Great War. But this power does not come without a cost. He must perform this ritual within 15 minutes of the person dying, they must still have their head, and after it is over both he and the risen will sleep for three days. This ritual can only be performed once on any given being. Known people who have had this power performed on them are:

Due to his resurrecting Evergreen at Shadowrage's demand, his mentor Father Grey died while he was sleeping during his three day recovery. At the time of Shaun Dolvmore's death, Strike had to choose between Shadowrage's son and his wife Valerianna.

Like any paladin, he has control over repelling the undead. While praying, they cannot harm him.

In addition, he controls the power of the Archangel weapon. Many new powers are available only to the Shadow Riders who have registered at the site. They are going to be revealed in the book, The Darkest Wind, coming soon.


As a mortal, Strike's only defenses are conventional suits of armor and the Archangel weapon. Without the sword, he has only his superior strategic intellect which allows him to think his way out of most of his trouble. His behavior is in sharp contrast to his friend Shadowrage who would rather act first.


As a mortal man he is subject to any normal course of life events such as: old age, sickness, and injury.