Narzyl is the creation of Taxrian using the corpse of Alexander Nyso.

Alexander's jealousy of Strike, his quest for power, and his ego led him to the demon. Wanting to take advantage of the knight's weakness, he killed Alexander and used him to become his new general.

After he takes power of Taxrian's army, they capture Anchor and leave him tied to a wall as bait. Narzyl could have easily killed him, but the dwarf believes that a part of Alexander still exists within the Death Knight. Strike agrees, which is why he seeks to relieve his half-brother of his pain.

At the end of the third book, Alexander's last bit of humanity allowed him to sacrfice himself to save the heroes and A'rillian. It is revealed that Narzyl has Taxrian's essence in his sword and has conquered Taxrian's realm.

Strike has made it his personal mission to defeat Narzyl in order to release his half-brother's spirit.


Quick Stats:

Name: Death Knight Narzyl -
In Death
Alexander Nyso -
In Life
Nickname(s): None.
Status: Undead
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Concealed by Healm; White
  • Warrior/Ruler of Alternate Realm
Home: Created in Tariksus
Power(s): The Archangel sword enables Strike to use six powers thus far:
  • Dark Power
  • The Taxrian Weapon


Narzyl still wears the armor Alexander was killed in. The style of armor in appearance is that of a general of the calvary. Light-weight around the legs, heavier on the chest and helm. His eyes glow red, like the lich Meisel Trasta. The lich would not care about who saw his rate of decay, Narzyl seeks to hide his. This is due to his last shreds of humanity ashamed for what he has done.


Little is known about Narzyl's powers with the release of the third book. Only that the union between the Taxrian Sword and Dark Power is evident.


He has no weakness shared with mortals, save for physical damage. Sharp weapons, poision, etc will not harm him.


Fire, being crushed, etc will all destroy the knight.